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Space Foods-1

What a year!

I wish a healthy and happy year to all of you. 2021 gifted us vaccines thanks to scientists, maybe in 2022, this pandemic will be finished, who knows :)

The world is trying to get well, at the same time the human race considering all possibilities, perhaps seeing the inevitable end and taking bold steps in finding a new home.

Mars appears to be the closest possible in scientists' search for a new home. Moving to a new house is not an easy process; new rules, and different conditions force us. Also, we should consider transportation too.

NASA opened a challenge for solving food problems in space and launched "Deep Space Food Challenge" for Mars journey of 4 astronauts.

I applied it and it was an amazing experiment for me. I learned many things about space and space foods in this competition. NASA webinars were organized and in these webinars astronauts and space scientists explained their needs to competitors.

To prepare a project I searched space foods properties, history, and possible future. I will share what I have learned from my research.

I will start with explaining what is "Space Foods" in the next essay but first I would like to learn your thoughts on this subject.

I added a link here to read your ideas about "Space Foods" when you hear/read it.

See you in my next article :)

2500 years ago Hippocrates said;

Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.

Value Hippocrates words and take care of yourselves <3


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