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Sports Food As Functional Food (Part 2)

Hi again

Let's talk about sport foods' special properties. There is so much info pollution, so I used BDA ( The British Dietetic Association) and INDI (Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute) as my reference sources.

A healthy and balanced diet is a sine qua non-thing (very essential) for athletes. Carbohydrate, protein, essential fats-oils, water, minerals, vitamins, and probiotics must be in the athletes' diet list. Low glycemic index and easily digestive carbohydrates are best for before and during exercises. Energy bars and bananas are two popular examples of these kinds of carbohydrates. Full-grain pasta is another good example. Also, they include vitamins and minerals thanks to germ. In another page, I will explain the benefits of carbohydrates in depth. Fruits and vegetables are good sources for carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals too. Please consume them daily. Dieticians recommend eating 5 little portions of fruit and vegetable daily for a healthy life*. If you have trouble with caring for them to work or gym center, you can choose dried fruits and vegetables.

Protein. The big issue in the sport world. Some people believe that you need to eat so much protein. That is not true. As always I said, be aware of your needs. Yes sure, you have to consume protein, but how many grams per a day? According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition daily protein intake is between 0.8 and 2.0 grams per body weight**. It could change depending on your exercise, but nobody needs to eat 10 or 15 eggs every day. That's insane. Please don't do it for your cholesterol. Also, your protein source is important too. You should take all the essential amino acids. I guess you are familiar to BCAA (Branched-chain essential amino acids). Valin, isoleucine ve leucine are BCAA. They have the functionality to increase muss muscle. Okay, I will explain proteins too.

Are you ready for fearful dream of athletes; fats and oils. Actually taking so many fats and oils are harmful to all of us. Even if olive oil or coconut oil. Doesn't matter. Yes, I love them too <3. But consuming them so much still increase your cholesterol and body fat. Don't listen to some doctors who say drink olive oil :D. I did not mean to not consume oil. Consume them for taking essential fatty acids and enjoy your life :P.

Water. Source of life. Give the water its due. When you doing exercise, you are losing water. Replace it by drinking. I recommend ısotonic waters. They are very popular in these days. Calcium, vitamin D and iron are critic vitamins and minerals, especially in women athletes. They can be taken with enriched functional foods or with supplement pills. Before taking support pills, a blood test must be performed. Probiotics, another important health source for us. Athletes without a healthy immune system were seen to be more frequent at the end of intense tempo. The yogurt, boza, pickle can be added to the daily diet to strengthen the immune system. I tried to give you a summary and information about the nutrition of the athletes. Please do not be a person who consumes the drugs of cancer patients in illegal ways***. I want to close with a saying from Atatürk that I love very much; "I like the athlete's clever, agile and moral" In my next article, I will talk about probiotic foods. 2500 years ago Hippocrates said; Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food. Value Hippocrates words and take care of yourselves <3

The British Dietetic Association Irish Nutrion and Dietetic Institute * ** ***

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